With or without meat, ActiMeat can accompany you

With or without meat, ActiMeat can accompany you

24 March 2021
For a few weeks, the content of the plates served in the school canteens has been debated.  

Menu with or without meat? Collective catering is facing real food issues and shared positions from the Government.  

It is within the canteens of the city of Lyon that everything started with the decision to temporarily remove meat from the menus from February 22 for sanitary and technical reasons. 

Numerous challenges are emerging and raise questions: nutritional and social in the access of children to a balanced diet, economic as an opportunity for the agricultural sector or environmental in the education of a healthy and sustainable diet. 

From a nutritional point of view, it has been established that meat is not essential for a balanced diet, despite its contribution of essential nutrients such as zinc and iron, which can be balanced with other foods.

Moreover, according to three actors of the sector*, the vegetalization of menus would have its advantages and would allow to increase the share of organic and local food but would also allow to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28 to 38%. 

Whatever the choice, the main issue remains access to quality food for all. 

ActiMeat, an industrial company specialized in the processing and formulation of meat and vegetable ingredients, is rebounding with adapted offers. 

By combining technical know-how and innovation in order to always better meet the new demands, its strength is to know how to associate qualitative, gustatory and nutritional criteria.

ActiMeat in addition to its range of meat products elaborated with a great mastery of the composition and the formulation, proposes today a 100% vegetable range based on peas, wheat and soya which is also integrated in numerous applications (oven products, salads, ready-made meals, sauces etc.). 

More recently, it has developed imitation meat ingredients based on wheat, natural flavors and colorants that are part of a clean label approach with the aim of reproducing the sensory and visual aspect of meat.
These vegetal recipes both offer a rich and balanced nutritional contribution and a strong practicality of use.  
You will have understood, with or without meat, ActiMeat innovates and is able to bring adapted recipes for the food industry.   
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