The quality approach at the heart of the production process

The quality approach at the heart of the production process

03 December 2020
ISO 22000, a standard for the food industry 

In terms of food safety, compliance with the regulations constituted by the Hygiene Package and its reinforced arm, the "microbiological criteria" regulation, is necessary, but is proving increasingly insufficient to meet the expectations of industrial customers. 

In a concern for consistency throughout the food chain, IAA manufacturers report to their suppliers the requirements that their own customers distributors, having as a minimum basis the reference frames recognized as equivalent by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), which brings together the world's largest distributors, and of which the best known are the IFS (International Food Standard), the BRC (British Retail Consortium), the FSSC 22 000 and Synergy 22000 as well as SQF 2000.

The mass retail sector has a major role to play behind the IFS (French-German-inspired) and BRC (British-inspired) standards. These are clearly the most in demand. 

For their part, major industrial groups favor the FSSC 22 000, which is a combination of the ISO 22000, dedicated to food safety management. This has also been our choice for many years.

Beyond the commercial requirement, to engage in one of these certification approaches for Actimeat, illustrates its will to reinforce its quality and food safety system, but also to prevent crises, which contribute to amplify an anxiety-provoking climate.

Our quality approach is reinsurance and risk control for our customers.
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