Thresholds officialised

Thresholds officialised

13 October 2016
The French Order of 28 September 2016 officialises and sets the thresholds provided for in French Decree no. 2016-1137 of 19 August 2016 on the provision of information regarding the origin of milk and meat that are used as ingredients.

The two thresholds set out in Article 1 of Decree no. 2016-1137 are as follows:
  •     50% for milk used as an ingredient in a dairy product;
  •     8% for meat used as an ingredient in a processed product.
Let it be reminded that, as regards milk used as an ingredient, the countries in which the milk was collected, packed and processed must all be indicated. As regards meat, the 8% threshold applies to veal and beef, pork, lamb and mutton, goat meat and poultry that are used as ingredients. Information regarding "né" (born in), "élevé" (raised in) and "abattu" (slaughtered in) will have to be marked on packaging.

The Order will enter into force on 1 January 2017 and will apply for a two-year period.