Stuffed pasta


Stéphanie, Product Head 

for a big brand
I like to place emphasis on the identity of the origin of the meats in my stuffed pasta range of products, but sometimes I have my work cut when trying to give the green light to purchases due to costs relating to traceability.
Beef meat is purchased in frozen 25kg (3.94 stone) blocks and comes from many cutting rooms in Ireland and in France (it is defrosted before use). Pork meat is purchased fresh in Spain from a slaughterhouse. All of the meats are minced on a production line and then mixed with stuffing ingredients. Sometimes hard substances or nerves are found, which causes line stoppages.
ActiMeat was consulted about the range of stuffed pasta which employs beef/pork in relation to a specific supply of 1,000 tonnes.
ActiMeat's solution

of geographical origin

ActiMeat provides beef meat and
pork meat which comes from an
integrated network of livestock
farming, slaughtering and of
course processing..

Thus the identification of
geographical origin will be stressed
by means of marketing arguments
regarding animal wellbeing, livestock
farming and slaughtering conditions
and the people involved in cutting.

of raw materials

ActiMeat and its ISO
22000-certified manufacturing
site guarantee that raw materials
are reserved, tested and traceable.

Farmers are thus guaranteed
business by means of an audited list
of specifications, which in addition
to economic performance, confers
a societal aspect to the brand.

of productivity

ActiMeat produces raw minced
beef and minced pork meat,
which guarantees:

Standardisation of the percentage
of meat incorporated, of the
percentage of fat and of collagen
out of protein in the formula, and
a reduction of hard substances
and nerves by means of the
manufacturing procedures which
are used.