News : a French revolution in the food industry ! : a French revolution in the food industry !

18 October 2018
Building on its 30 years’ experience doing business with the biggest players in the sector, ActiMeat is now putting all its expertise at the disposal of the smallest players in the industry, by providing them with a very innovative e-commerce website.

A bold step for the food industry?

Currently 80% of B2B buyers start their searches for products by going onto Google and more than half of them make purchases on the Internet. With a potential of 15,000 customers throughout the whole of Europe the food industry has something very appealing and addresses this new connected market. Within 3 years Actimeat aim to achieve 25% of its sales towards this new target.

How does it work ?

Actimeat product solutions -ready to use, practical, time saving, better yield, better results visually and with portion cost control- are now available on an interactive platform, with a lot of possibilities:
  • New ranges to fulfil all industrial applications
  • A questionnaire allowing the co-construction of products
  • An option to order free sample box
  • The shipping costs offered from 300kg

An offer designed FOR and BY users, in constant evolution, which enables manufacturers to respond to the latest trends.

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