The situation before ActiMeat

Nadia, R&D Manager

of a European fast food chain
I have to come up with several innovative products as part of an ethnic products marketing project. I am looking for new ideas and products which are at the right  
cost point for the snack market and contain flavoured cooked meat. 
I do not have any restrictions as regards the geographical origin of the food – I will send you the General Terms & Conditions of our firm,
and also a quality questionnaire, which allows you to become a listed supplier.
If we like what you come up, we will carry out an R&D trial, and then a test on an industrial scale which will enable us to measure how well products will be received by consumers, before taking things forward any further.   After that our Buying Department will take over and undertake a listing audit and commercial negotiations.
What can you offer me?
 ActiMeat was consulted about a snack range, about coming up with ideas for a new range and developing a new product.
La réponse actimeat

what the need is

The R&D departments of the
two companies get in contact
with each other to communicate
about key points:

Confidential – what industrial
processes can you carry out? Using
what production facilities? What type
of raw materials do you process? Can
you store and handle all types of
raw materials? Tell me about your
current product catalogue. Go into
more depth about your «ethnic»
marketing project, the project
schedule, requirements in terms of
aims and and volume, etc.

Fine-tuning of

ActiMeat’s R&D team holds a
brainstorming session regarding
ideas around the concept in order
that a development brief be

Then the ideas are translated into a
product mock-up by ActiMeat, which
is shown to the client’s project team.
The ideas which are selected are
developed into samples. ActiMeat
addresses all approval matters using
the project specification sheet, up
to and including regulatory issues
regarding the labelling of the raw


A project which is approved moves
on to the industrial manufacturing
stage and to the consumer market
testing phase.

Several measures are implemented
in order to approve the quality
standards of ActiMeat’s output.
ActiMeat’s R&D Department works
in conjunction with the client’s R&D
Department to make any corrections
that need to be made. The product
made using this ingredient proved
to be very popular with the general