Ready meals – more transparency regarding meat

Ready meals – more transparency regarding meat

06 April 2017

Consumers are ever-more demanding as regards the quality and type of meat used in the form of mince, especially when it is mixed into sauces or stuffing.

The French consumer magazine “60 Millions de Consommateurs” decided to test five families of ready-meal products which contain meat – lasagne, shepherd’s pie (hachis Parmentier), ravioli, burgers and Bolognese sauces.

The tests were carried out with regards to the quality and the quantity of meat used, whether the meat was from the stated type of animal, nutritional intake and the presence of additives and flavourings in each product.

The magazine noted that food manufacturers had made improvements as regards the quality and the origin of the meat they use in ready meals.

The conclusion is a reassuring one, even more so in that since 1 April 2017, for the first time in Europe, all of the players in the agri-food sector are obliged to label the processed products they sell.

ActiMeat is proud to have played its part in coming up with the recipes for the majority of the products whose qualities are praised in the magazine’s comparison of 60 products.

Indeed, several products were assessed as containing very high-quality meat, in generous quantities too.

These positive remarks serve to confirm the validity of our strategy of controlling our supply chain, of making technological innovations, of boosting the performance of the firm’s staff, all done to enable us to sell products that are competitive for food manufacturers.

We thank them all for the trust and faith they place in us, as regards this work which enables us to be partners in their success.