Oven cooked products

The situation before ActiMeat

NIcolas, Head of Production

of an own-brand pizza factory
I have a problem with the end result regarding my pizzas which are topped with meat. In terms of taste, I can’t manage to get the taste of roast meat that I’m looking for.
Currently, IQF raw meat in 20kg (3.15 stone) bags with a diameter of 6mm (0.24 inches) is pre-cooked on a grill by us in such a way that the pieces are drained before they cool down. Application of the relevant amounts on pizzas is carried out by means of manually placing the meat on pizzas, so this thus means that the cost price is high and as well we lose a lot of raw material because of the cooking technique.
 ActiMeat was consulted about a range of oven-cooked products which contain beef, with a view to supplying 100 tonnes of French beef.
actimeat‘s solution

An exclusive
cooking process

ActiMeat provides VBF meat
(VBF is a French beef label) with
a diameter of 5mm (0.20 inches)
and 10% fat, which undergoes
an innovative process entailing
the cooking and cooling of the
meat and the absorption of meat
cooking juices, which enables the
juiciness of the raw material to be

This processing technique produces
pellet-shaped IQF pieces of meat
which can be put onto products
in the desired quantities by means
of vibration, without wasting any
raw material. It also ensures that
pizzas have an optimal appearance,
in terms of the perception of end

quality criteria

ActiMeat, by means of this
product application «without
heat treatment after ingredient
dosing» on the part of the
manufacturer, provides a higher
standard of quality criteria (i.e.
bacteriological, physico-chemical
and testing).

The discharge controls guarantee
the conformity of the product, they
constitute approval, and enable
use to proceed smoothly and

An unequalled roast

ActiMeat controls the nonenzymatic
Maillard chemical
reaction, which, during cooking,
defines the reaction between
amino acids and reducing sugars
which gives roast meats their
characteristic taste.

Thus, by infinitely varying cooking
and cooling parameters, ActiMeat
modifies the reaction process, and
the differences as regards results
can be impressive depending on the
taste sought.