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Veggie Range

Veggie Range

ActiMeat is helping you to meet the ever-greater demand from consumers for veggie products,with our 100% vegan range. With these products, make your recipes vegan-friendly, by providing high quality, flavour and eating enjoyment.

The characteristics of the Veggie Range

Defnition : Preparations made from vegetable protein, which are standardised, cooked and IQF deep-frozen.

Composition : High in protein, each product is guaranteed to be allergen-free, gluten-free and GM-free. Nothing but goodness!

Use : Easy to incorporate into dishes, our ingredients do not fall apart during preparation, unlike the majority of veggie ingredients made from soya.


Stuffed pasta

"Stuffed pasta"

Oven-cooked products

"Oven-cooked products"

Ready meals

"Ready meals"



Snacks, finger food & soups

"Snacks, finger food & soups"

Ideal for use in your culinary preparations.

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Our solutions help you to gain market share in a market which is experiencing high growth


Our undertakings as regards our Veggie Range

Marketing : Extend the scope of the products we develop for vegetarians, moderate vegans, vegans who do not use any animal products at all, and flexitarians, and thus be on-trend as regards the move towards consumers eating less and less meat, and even none at all.

Quality : The resulting products combine melt-in-your-mouthiness, flavour and a great appearance.

Seasoning : Our products are seasoned, but they not overseasoned, so that consumers can enjoy discovering veggie products

Veggie Range