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Shaped Range

Shaped Range

ActiMeat provides a range of preparations which is «making shapes» to enable you to be on-trend as regards a new consumer phenomenon. These products can be customised to suit your needs and they can provide you with originality and differentiation.

The characteristics of the Shaped Range

Defnition : Our «shaped» range consists of preparations in new shapes, which allow you to reboot your favourite recipes and put a little inventiveness and flair on the plates of consumers.

Origin : This range features both products which are 100% meat and products which are 100% veggie.

Food safety : Irrespective of the shape you want, we will be able to make our products retain their «structural integrity», to be technical, throughout your production processes


Ready meals

"Ready meals"



Snacks, finger food & soups

"Snacks, finger food & soups"

Ideal for use in your culinary preparations.

produits du four

Originality as regards the presentation of dishes


Our undertakings as regards our Shaped Range

Marketing : The presentation of a dish is often as important as what is on the plate! Offering dishes which feature various shapes enables you to distinguish your business from your competitors, while mixing things up a bit and having fun !

Quality : Flavour combined with unrivalled stability, as regards both 100% meat dishes and 100% veggie dishes (and without compromising!).

Practicality : Perfect seasoning, which guarantees that consumers will still taste the flavours of these ingredients after they have been incorporated into your application

Shaped Range