Our product ranges



ActiMeat develops new finely-minced meat products with flavours created by means of its culinary expertise. Flavoured with vegetables, using a boundless array of recipes, they constitute the vital ingredients of pizzas, of sandwiches, but also of shepherd’s pies (hachis Parmentiers), Bolognese sauces, ready meals and savoury pies and tarts.

The characteristics of the DEVELOPED RANGE

Definition: Ready-to-use meat products, IQF, mince size 5mm to 20mm, incorporating a garnish of vegetables and a flavour and seasoning enhancement, until a comprehensive culinary ingredient is obtained for your industrial recipes.

Food safety: Products already cooked through. All batches of raw materials are fully traceable.

Easy to use: Controlled mix of raw materials; guaranteed IQF.

Composition : Recipes created by means of collaborative work on the part of R&D staff (clients’ staff and ActiMeat staff). Allergen-free, soy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.


Oven-cooked products

"Oven-cooked products"

Ready meals

"Ready meals"



Snacks, finger food & soups

"Snacks, finger food & soups"

Ideal for use in your culinary preparations.

produits du four

Vegetables are browned in meat juices, unique taste, many versions of recipes


Our undertakings as regards our DEVELOPED RANGE

Marketing: Recipes using ingredients which enable you to differentiate your finished product or products.

Production: No longer any need to get amounts right, to mix and to brown all of the ingredients together – we will prepare your recipe for you, on a ready-to-use basis.

Purchasing: A single raw material item to manage in terms of purchasing, of inventory and of traceability, thus simplifying operations and flows.