Our product ranges



ActiMeat has developed finely-minced meat, ideal for preparing your prepared sauces and dishes. These products can be flavoured in line with the aromatic note required, without being mixed intensively, thus ensuring that an unequalled texture, chewiness and taste is maintained.

The characteristics of the FLAVOURED RANGE

Definition: These are ready-to-use meats, IQF, finely minced to sizes of between 5mm and 20mm, flavoured.

Food safety: Products already cooked through. Easy to use: Guaranteed IQF; just the right amount of flavourconferring ingredients added.

Composition: Allergen-free, lactose-free and soy-free, placing the emphasis on natural flavours and low sodium content.


Oven-cooked products

"Oven-cooked products"

Snacks, finger food & soups

"Snacks, finger food & soups"

Ideal for use in your culinary preparations.

produits du four

Achieve a unique taste, making use of the infinite range of possibilities as regards flavourings, for a made to measure recipe


Our undertakings as regards our FLAVOURED RANGE

Marketing: To create a new scope as regards client product development, without constraints for the latter and without changes having to be made to the client’s manufacturing process.

Management: No longer any need to get amounts right, to mix all the ingredients together – we will prepare your recipe for you, on a ready-to-use basis.

Quality: The flavour-incorporation process is carried out without any intensive mixing being done and without water being added to the preparation, thus ensuring the quality of roast flavoured meat.