ORGANIC MEAT: Responding to a Fast-growing Market

ORGANIC MEAT: Responding to a Fast-growing Market

30 May 2018
Within the framework of the French National Food Conference, and in order to encourage breeders to switch to organic meat - thus boosting consumption - the government requested: “sector plans".
In fact, the National Inter-professional Pork Commission (Inaporc) and the National Inter-professional Association for Livestock and Meat (Interbev) have set a course for 2022: to increase the production of organic meat by 2x.
One of the key factors to achieving this outcome is that distributors commit to purchasing products from livestock breeders over time, at a fixed and profitable price (which covers production costs). This allows farms to better ensure that sustainability criteria are being met.
Some initiatives have already been implemented. This is the case for ActiMeat.
We are part of a biological approach and naturalness, thanks to our certified Bio range of products.
We are committed to providing our clients with quality meat, as well as a sustainable and responsible sector, that is respectful of the environment.