Nature or ready-made home-made meatballs


Production of home-made cooked ActiMeat meatballs for your recipes is yet another specialty of ours.    This product was designed for various applications and to meet the requirements of clients whose priorities are the appearance and the authenticity of their products.
The meatballs are used in sauce recipes, soups, and ready-cooked dishes. They could also be used in many more categories of dishes. 
As is the case for unflavoured cooked meat, ActiMeat’s choices and advice, in agreement with you, as regards raw materials both in terms of geographical origin and of the types of cuts used, will be the key to achieving a combination of raw materials which ensure control over the composition (levels of protein, of fat, humidity and of collagen) of products.    
This product is a genuine source of innovation. Indeed, unflavoured or flavoured meatballs made just for you enable you to differentiate your product. They provide you with a great visual aspect which is evocative of a home-made product, and which is unlike a conventional industrial product.

In this know-how, ActiMeat also developed a totally innovating cooking solution, which guarantees the flavors maintenance, textures, and products visuals. It does not lose any generated juice during the cooking process, it reinstates totally in the product at the end of the cooking tunnel and encapsulates it by a specific cold process (IQF).

This product is a real source of innovation, which deserves your attention and which will be a real asset in your manufacturing. For example, the ActiMeat solution eradicates all tough pieces in the meat and makes a very pleasant chewing.

According to the nature of the finished product, the ActiMeat home-made meatballs can bring an outstanding contribution concerning flavors and aromas to optimize your realizations. Accompanied with spices, vegetables, size, weight, color or other required parameters noted in your requirements, this last one will be impossible to circumvent.