Nature and ready-made meat


The production of cooked ActiMeat meat for your recipes is expertise that we have developed, with and at the request of our clients, completely in line with specifications.   
ActiMeat has developed for you a 100%-innovative cooking solution, which guarantees that the flavours, textures and the appearance of products will not be harmed. Indeed, during the cooking process the cooking juices which are released are reincorporated in full into the product by means of a specific cold treatment.
Indeed, the cooking juices are reabsorbed naturally during cooling and provide incomparable taste.  
Thus unflavoured Actimeat cooked meat as a basic ingredient will be ready to be incorporated into your ready-cooked dishes and will provide the finished product with great consistency and uniformity.   This solution provides great flexibility and simplified raw material management in terms of traceability procedures. ActiMeat guarantees tender meat and muscle fibre while guaranteeing that our meat pellets which be resistant to our clients’ processes and will thus have a better visual appearance.

Our preparations can need a ready mixture, integrating spices, other natural ingredients, or the intervention of our R&D teams can imagine a made to measure preparation. (in this case, see our innovation offer for mixed meat and vegetables)