Meat lovers

Meat lovers

17 July 2018
Veganism and vegetarianism may be the trend of the moment, but in France, 97% of the population are still meat eaters!

According to the latest food survey conducted by ANSES, the average French person eats 85 kilos of meat a year.

Meat : a favourite in ready meals

The things that really change are eating habits and everyday behaviour.

According to surveys conducted by INSEE :

the time spent cooking decreased by 29% between 1986 and 2010.

This decline can be explained by the growing number of women in the workforce, the average household having more electrical appliances (microwave ovens), and the increasing popularity of pre-cooked meals and takeaways...

The French are spending more and more on ready meals. 
Meat-based dishes account for 38% of the “ready meals” budget, compared to 27% for pizzas, quiches and pies and 10% for pasta-based dishes.

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