Make red meat your speciality!

Make red meat your speciality!

07 February 2017
In the world of gastronomy, there have been all sorts of fads and trends recently, most of which have been of a vegetarian and a vegan nature! That’s all well and good, but meat-eaters have not given up the “battle” yet and are “baring their teeth” in defence of their favourite food – red meat
 “Vegetarians run effective PR campaigns – there are not many of them about but you get the impression that they are everywhere!”, stresses the media-friendly Hugo Desnoyer, Paris’s star butcher. You have to qualify what he says by stating that it is quite legitimate to condemn certain practices, which – up until now – have brought shame upon the intensive animal farming sector.

These days we are told that we should eat less but eat better. Why not, very simply put, eat some red meat? In their outlets and restaurants, red meat is the daily bread, the bread and butter – so to speak! – of the Michelin-starred chefs Akrame Benallal, Jean-François Piège and Alain Ducasse!  

What if restaurants were the future of butchers’ shops? What if people were to enjoy eating meat in trendy restaurants rather than at home?

Whether you prefer to call it “eating better” or simply “eating well”, ActiMeat – which is committed to providing high-quality meat to its clients, by means of its procedures – is proud to be able to supply food manufacturers with meat which is healthy and which complies with nutritional criteria.