Meat processing since 1981

ActiMeat selects, makes and transforms uncooked, cooked and elaborated meats to answer to the needs of the food-processing industry.


Meat ingredients produced by ActiMeat, studied and made to measure for your sauces, ready-made meals, canning, catering and snacking industry.
Stuffed pasta icone
ActiMeat proposes beef and pork from an integrated processing industry of farming, slaughtering and of course transformation.
Oven cooked products icone
ActiMeat uses an innovating process for cooking/cooling and drippings absorption for a delicious jutosity of the matter.
Ready-made meals icone
The innovation lies in simultaneous cooking of the meat, vegetables and natural aromatics without any unstructured matters.
Sauces icone
The know-how developed lies in double crushing which ensures the reduction of tough substances of the meat then a controlled compression which makes grains.
Snacking icone
ActiMeat controls the Maillard reaction which fits with the sugars action on proteins during the cooking and gives the characteristic taste of roast meats.

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