Food safety

Food safety

08 December 2016
Food safety – the analysis market is developing and ActiMeat is strengthening checks on its production chains.
The globalisation of trade and the development of quick analysis methods have facilitated growth in the food health checks market. The trend is taking place all over the planet – the issue of food safety is getting ever-more significant.
North America dominates this market – in particular through Canadian regulations, which are particularly strict – but it is in the Asia-Pacific region in which the market is developing the most quickly, since the amount of in-house laboratories has doubled.
In Europe, it is national and European bodies which are working to ensure food safety throughout the supply chain, with the aim of protecting consumers.
We listen to feedback and welcome this realisation on the part of consumers, inspection bodies and players in the food manufacturing sector. So ActiMeat is increasing the amount of checks carried out on its products.
Thus, systematic approval inspections which guarantee food safety have been in operation for several years now, as part of ActiMeat's production processes.­