ActiMeat is an industry whose job is to transform animal raw materials to produce meat ingredients. ActiMeat tailors for food-processing industries. According to requirements or specific, explicit or implicit needs, by a collaborative work with the R&D departments, ActiMeat develops the meat product adapted to its customers’specific needs.

ActiMeat selects, makes and transforms, with industrial and innovating processes, some minced and uncooked meats or cooked and frozen meats.

The ActiMeat great strength is to know how to associate qualitative, gustatory, nutritional and texture criterions, thanks to a process control and a technical know-how.

I was born in a butcher’s shop like my father before me, and while my attachment to my native Provence is not a legend, I am the globetrotter of the team. I travel the «meat planet» non-stop to ensure a reliable supply chain. My daily imperatives are to select producers, ... see more
Philippe Saint Martin
Chief Executive
What has driven me and what has motivated me over the past 35 years is experiencing new entrepreneurial challenges. I believe in a virtuous circle which encompasses growth through innovation, group development of employees and ... see more
Stéphane Maloisel



ActiMeat produces frozen minced meat that is raw or cooked depending on its industrial customers’ specifications. The meat is then used by ActiMeat ’ customers as an ingredient in their ready meals, readymade sauces, food preparation products and fillings etc.

With its Research and Development department, ActiMeat also acts as a consultant on increasing the perceived value of end products and addressing issues relating to taste, texture and visual appeal and to the development of meat products.

ActiMeat mainly processes beef, but also veal, pork, lamb and poultry.

The degree of mincing offered by ActiMeat ranges from 3 to 22 mm.



ActiMeat’ expertise and unique processes have allowed us to truly revolutionise the development
of meat products in terms of palatability and texture.

This evolution is supported by the Research and Development unit which has the following means at its disposal:

Control line for simulation and testing
Mastery of advanced industrial processes for meat products
Capacity for innovation of high value added products for manufacturers

Studies: ActiMeat wants to strengthen its position as an innovator to enable its customers to improve
the qualities of their end products.