Cooked flavoured meat

Cooked flavoured meat

28 December 2016
Are you looking for a way to differentiate your products ?
Do you want to incorporate a themed and characterful recipe into your preparations which is in line with purchasing trends and with consumers’ expectations !

ActiMeat® can develop flavoured meat recipes for you on a made-to-measure basis, in line with your requirements and your specifications, thus making the meat recipes easy to use.

«The products, we will develop for you, will be innovative, on-trend and ready-to-use. Customised packaging and support services that will simplify and optimise your processes.»

Taste authenticity – allergen-free and additive-free. Easy-to-use, effective and value for money.
We guarantee that our products will be firm and juicy.
Flavours from Provence
L’Egrené Provençal (Provencal mince) and Maxi Provençal (Provencal meatballs) products are subtly cooked with sun-filled Provençal herbs.

The flavour, tenderness and juiciness of our Provençal mince and meatballs will bring bright Mediterranean sunshine to your preparations.

French beef, delicate and melts-in-your-mouth tender.

Curry flavours
L’Egrené Boeuf Curry (beef mince curry) and L’Egrené Poulet Curry (chicken mince curry) products are spiced up with a delicate Eastern touch which is provided by the fruitiness and spiciness of curry.

The roasting cooking method we use brings out characteristic curry flavours,and enhances the taste and the tenderness of the meat.

French beef and chicken, delicate and melts-in-your-mouth tender.

Salty flavours
L’Egrené Salé (salted minced beef) and L’Egrené Poulet Rôti (roasted, minced and salted chicken) – skilfully cooked and salted, they reveal their natural taste.

Taste and tenderness is what makes these products great.
French beef and chicken.

ActiMeat® has developed a range of recipes which helps you to create your products.

For your snack / finger food / soup / sauce / stuffed pasta applications

As regards your existing products and also as regards a customised appraisal of your future requirements, please contact us