Clean Label

Clean Label

24 October 2016

Are you looking for products containing meat to make your company more competitive or to improve the quality of your company’s products, but which at the same time are innovative, are in line with trends and reflect the image of your company?

As part of its commitment to «Clean Label» ActiMeat®
proposes naturally beautiful and good products.

The meat ingredients produced by ActiMeat® are designed and customised to bring the best out of your products which contain meat. Conserving, enhancing and intensifying the taste of your products, the appearance of your product offering, the value perceived by your client – this is our mission.    Thanks to tried and tested processes and expertise, our ingredients are incomparably flavoursome and tender.

« You don’t want nitrite salt in your products anymore,
Actimeat® gets the solution »

Many household-name food manufacturers in Europe have already adopted the ActiMeat® process.

ActiMeat® is on the look-out for innovations on a non-stop basis and is proactive in putting forward ideas and in providing support, from start to finish, in your product development procedures.

As part of a continual improvement approach, ActiMeat® now implements an organic and "naturality" procedure in relation to its new "Clean Label" and "Organic" products – an approach which is more natural, more authentic and more respectful of the environment, of biodiversity and of animal welfare.

We have been certified organic since 2016 and we contribute to the development of a sustainable and responsible meat industry. 

«Clean Label»

We see our "Clean Label" endeavour as an undertaking which is a normal extension of a natural trend which is going on all around us on a daily basis. Our work producing healthy products translates into a rigorous selection of our ingredients. Once the ingredients have been selected, our R&D team places the emphasis on the use of natural extracts, on non-allergenic and on additive-free items. We undertake to provide you with prepared meat products which are as simple as possible, while being respectful of our health and our wellbeing.

Authenticity: the Clean Label pork meat preparation range guarantees you the authenticity which comes from the taste and the colour of sausage meat we use and also from the high quality of the pork meat we provide. This product is available plain or spiced, in the form of raw or cooked mince.

Naturality: the Clean Label pork meat preparation range is guaranteed to be allergen-free and additive-free. The range is also available in an organic meat version, as part of our eco-responsible approach.

Practical and efficient: the Clean Label pork meat preparation range comes in the form of minced meat. It is thus easy to use, which reduces the number of tasks that need to be carried out on a production line and which also ensures that it keeps its great taste and colour throughout its journey from field to fork. The range is also available cooked, which limits the microbiological risks associated with the use of uncooked meat.

Value for money: the Clean Label pork meat preparation range can be customised to meet your specifications and can thus be tailored to suit all budgets.

Shortened specification sheet for a product to replace
the sausage meat in a cured pork product

Meat preparation, IQF
Definition: Meat preparation, IQF.
List of ingredients: Pork meat, salt, beetroot, tomato, paprika for coloring.
Allergen statement: Contains NO allergens, either in their original state or derivatives of them.

product of a red/pink colour.
Smell/taste: characteristic of plain salted sausage meat, with no other smells or tastes.

Due to its minced form, and the fact that it is available either cooked or uncooked, this sausage-meat type product range can be used without prior precautions being taken, and it can also be used for many applications. Here are a few examples of those applications: