Babyfood, getting more and more organic

Babyfood, getting more and more organic

28 March 2017
The parents of young children are increasingly giving their babies home-made food. The baby food market has thus been constantly shrinking over the past few years.


Bébé avec cuillère
More and more parents are placing the emphasis on homemade food and on organic food as regards what they put in their babies’ little pots, for health and for safety reasons.

Currently the market share of organic baby food in France accounts for 5.4% of overall sales (or €45 million). Two challenger players stand out in the baby food market: “Good Goût” and “Baby Bio”. 

Other brands, such as “Yooji”, also stand out. A French organic frozen baby food brand, “Yooji” is increasing its brand recognition, in particular by broadcasting advertising films featuring funny and off-the-wall sketches, between midnight and 3am, in order to catch the eye of retailers, but above all to catch the eye of the parents of young children, who are often awake at that time of night.

The watchwords of these new brands, which are positioned in the organic baby food segment, are naturalness, safety and the fight against waste, not forgetting the idea of pleasure for the child and for the parents. Frozen purees in the form of pebble-sized pieces, colourful packaging, in ventive recipes – all players are making investments in order to develop their products in these ways.

Integrate organic meat into your ranges

Due to the good image with the consumers, you extend your product ranges with a "certified" raw material.

ActiMeat, a company which specialises in the production of meat, is already offering organic meat for sale. Furthermore, the company holds “organic” and “animal well-being” certifications. ActiMeat– like all manufacturers in the organic baby food market – undertakes to produce ever-healthier food.

Ever-more manufacturers are opening up organic ranges thanks to the ready-to-use raw minced organic meat, and are offering a competitive response to the creation of new organic food brands that are emerging (for instance « Comme des Papas », « La Potion des Lutins » or « Potpotam »).

A range of organic recipes is what the market expects. ActiMeat's proposal will help you.
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