Animal Welfare : more than a label, a reality.

Animal Welfare : more than a label, a reality.

11 January 2017
Having something ethical on their plates, that is one of the expectations of modern-day consumers, who are very much in favour of organic food, of fresh air and of additional well-being standards. To be “on-trend”, agri-food companies have developed a “welfare label” which features a progress procedure and also prices which take these new constraints into account.
The label has already proved its worth in the Netherlands, since it has a 30% market share there. According to market research carried out in 28 European countries*, France is in the top one-third of countries which have high expectations regarding animal welfare.
ActiMeat has partnered with and works hand-in-hand with producers which are structured into a supply chain, in order to meet “Animal Welfare” requirements. Audits, certifications (such as IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, etc.), a Quality Department with extremely high standards, the mobilisation of significant resources, and everything is encapsulated in a certified monitoring procedure (concerning animal raising standards, feeding, well-being, etc.) – all to bring “Animal Welfare” to your plate.
*Carried out by TNS Opinion et Social during a Eurobarometer survey.