Plant substitutes to the offensive

Plant substitutes to the offensive

08 February 2021
With an offer that has considerably expanded in recent years, plant substitutes are now part of the new developments of start-ups but also of major industrial groups.

Pea, wheat or soya protein, beet juice to add color, egg white, coconut, sunflower or rapeseed oil, a few flavours and it's done! These new "steaks" have the appearance, taste and texture close to that of meat.

This new trend is in response to the growing number of flexitarists, who today represent nearly 35% of the French population, i.e. 23 million people.

Manufacturers, distributors and restaurateurs are trying to respond to this phenomenon which will undoubtedly lead to the development of a new mass market. 
  • 400 M € turnover of vegetable protein-based products in 2019 (+11%)

  • 460 M € of estimated sales of vegetable protein products estimated in 2023, i.e. a growth of 3% per year

  • 66 million potential consumers
Source: Xerfi

In France, few players have yet mastered the manufacturing process for second-generation plant products and most of them use numerous additives.

At ActiMeat, the Research & Development teams are developing Veggie recipes and are now working on "clean label*" certified simulated meat products using very few additives, all certified natural for a healthy and tasty result! 

You too, differentiate yourself and use ActiMeat's know-how to develop your 100% Veggie recipes. 

For all your requests, contact our teams.

Follow the latest innovations of ActiMeat, expert in meat and vegetable products for 40 years.

*The clean label concept is an approach put in place by food companies in response to a movement of consumers looking for food whose ingredients and manufacturing process does not deviate from their conception of how to make this food.