2016 Actimeat policy



The firm job is to transform animal raw materials to produce meat ingredients for food-processing industry (IAA), has the purpose to become the European market reference.
To guarantee our firm growth and perenniality, key points which created the company, quality fundamentals, an innovating product offer, a high taste quality of products, a stringent customers’ service in an economic performance level, must be reaffirmed.
This global commitment according to these purposes will allow us to fulfill our firm project. For this, we have to :

  1. Control raw materials supply, audit suppliers until the reception protocol certifying a sourcing, a material traceability and an items qualified evaluation with a faultless reception.

  2. Ensure a food level quality and maintain the ISO 22000 FSSC certification, then guaranteeing to our customers, the respect of the legal requirements and the product conformity.

  3. Develop the practical management, in control, in communication and as the first way of the continuous improvement.

  4. Share human values which are the company strength and increase the solidarity by the versatility and the flexibility of everyone. Support salaried workers in their competences development by the training ;

  5. Increase the quality received by the customer by re-studying products formulations, by increasing the control, by optimizing manufacturing processes, and formulating products according to the market expectations.

  6. Conceive the product offer by renewal and innovation, contributor of gross margin, by developing the products creativity (uncooked meat, cooked meat and elaborated ingredients) and services.

  7. Deploy the ERP « COPILOTE » (tools data processing) and the management control, in the piloting improvement of the value network and the performance.

  8. Instigate sales by different actions : deployment of a controlled European prospection, the increase of our positions within European IAA to reach the commercial 2016 purpose of 25M€ turnover.

  9. Drive the logistic organization in an inventory control piloting and maximum rate service.

  10. Keep manufacturing means by continuing to develop a preventive maintenance level which limits risks and an equipment renewal level by part.

  11. Optimize the administration and financial management allowing the resources adequacy, an autonomous treasury management, and the good execution of the safety program.

The quality is an integral part of our activities. Every manager, every operator is responsible about it. The communication must be the way by the one are diffused these orientations, understood and followed by measurable purposes.
I undertake to give to each department necessary means to get the purposes accomplishment : a voluntary training program, an appropriate investment program and the improvement of the current organization to improve the firm piloting.
About your implication, I believe in your capacity to succeed this evolution in purposes and values I always carried.