#SIAL2016, Bolognese sauces: 2 innovations rewarded

#SIAL2016, Bolognese sauces: 2 innovations rewarded

23 November 2016
SIAL Paris which held at the Parc des Expositions, Paris-Nord Villepinte closed this edition the 21st of October 2016. This year’s figures reflect the extent to which IAA competitiveness is based on innovation, and how the fair has helped forward-thinking food industry players (resolutely turned towards 2050) to meet the right people.

There were 2189 candidates for the SIAL Innovation Awards, it represents 10% of worldwide innovation and 15 prize winners.

Local, international, export are the 3 key words that define French companies’ strategies today! To cross borders, we must innovate!

This year, Actimeat meat preparations received an award through two “star products” of the fair!


1. Le Cabanon : The “made in France” Bolognese

With the “made in” trend, the local argument becomes a real consumer expectation. We want to know what we eat and how it reached our plate!
Le Cabanon and ActiMeat work together and make a 100% made in Provence Bolognese sauce. With sunny south grown tomatoes and 100% French beef meat prepared in Manosque. The “local” is invited in your preparations!

2. Zapetti rethinks the traditional glass jar

As an outsider, Zapetti proposes a PET jar with a metal cover, an innovation also rewarded at the SIAL! lightweight, unbreakable, recyclable…an engaging promise for industrials and consumers!

Thank you to our two clients Le Cabanon and the Raynal and Roquelaure group with Zapetti brand who are daring and innovative though their products, values which we fully support in our day to day relationship with them.” confides Stéphane Maloisel, president of ActiMeat company.